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  • Quick ideas for naming your fields to help find the field type easier. Do you have a system for naming your fields?



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In this episode, Scott Rose discusses Integromat.


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Airtable App Marketplace Highlights


Aito Instant Predictions – Predict contents of empty fields with machine learning.


Email Table – Create emails combining record data with a template in an email table.


Airtable Universe Highlights


Traveltech Directory Interactive directory, designed to help tourism businesses with inspiration and ideas, as well as recommendations and solutions.


Zero Effort Closet Manager – Your closet is finally smart. See all your clothes in one place – organize them, make boards and filter them.


BuiltOnAir.com Resources


The Ultimate Guide to Airtable in the Ecommerce Industry – Learn how to use Airtable to build a successful e-commerce system.

TrueSource is a no-code platform to build and launch intelligent data products and monetize them.


Course Ops In A Box – Free Airtable Template For Simplifying And Centralizing The Operations Behind Your Course.


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