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In this episode, our hosts meet Sam Ruiz from Aureo.

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Season 13 is coming up January 10th! 

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Airtable App Marketplace Highlights (Extensions)

Excel Exporter – Excel Exporter enables the export of any of your views in excel format, for when your data needs to be presented in a context where Airtable is not an option (what a shame!).


Shoptable – Shoptable brings Shopify into Airtable, giving you the power to work with your data your way.

Airtable Universe Highlights

Event planning Template – with added Schedule Conflict Script Block – This base extends Airtable’s “Event planning” template with a Script Block that can be adapted to any similarly structured base where the requirement to detect overlapping start and end times is pressing.


Personal & Household Expense and Income Tracker – Manage your personal and household expenses, incomes and budgets with this tracker. Resources

AEROPAGE TOOLS – Free tools for Airtable, including : Email Designer, Dynamic Images, Form Builder, Permanent Attachment Proxy and WordPress sync… with more tools in development.

AIR WP SYNC – Thanks to Air WP Sync, integrate Airtable database platform to your WordPress app, website or blog and manage your content better without Zapier or Make (Ex-Integromat). Identify the Airtable fields you wish to link to WordPress and choose the format for your imported contents: articles, pages, products, etc. Simply define your ideal update frequency. Our plugin will automatically sync everything swiftly, automate and boost your business!


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