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Airtable Community

Ask The Community

Due Date Formula Help – Community expert W Vann Hall helps with the issue.

Appointment Setting – Help creating a base for setting appointments at a medical practice

ASUM of Values separated by a comma in the same sheet

Subtracting last two created linked record

How to lookup a single record based on checkbox status

Can’t figure out how to do a simple percentage calculation in Airtable

Feature Requests

Specific View for Form Input of type Link

Paste images from clipboard

Show And Tell

U.S. Holidays for WORKDAY() and WORKDAY_DIFF()

7 Wonders: For you Board Game Fans

Medical Expense Tracking base

Extracting last names | last word from a multi-word string


Tutorial on how to integrate Airtable + Zapier + Facebook

Airtable for Web Professionals Facebook Group

Discussion this week:

  • Exporting Data: CSV vs other integration options
  • Questions about formulas being cell based vs. column based

GAP Videos Community

New Video: Get Financial Insights Using Airtable Blocks

Airtable Facebook Community

Updates this week:

  • Blog Article: How The Players Tribune helps athletes find their voice off the field
  • Guide to Sales Enablement Content
  • Improving Team Collaboration (Webinar)

BuiltOnAir Web Community

Getting Ready to Go Live. Come back soon.

BuiltOnAir Podcast Community

New Podcasts Coming Soon.

BuiltOnAir Slack Community

Just created the Slack community. Come join us here.

Openside Community

Have big things in the works. Keep an eye on this space in future.