10/17/2023 – BuiltOnAir Live Podcast Full Show – S16-E03

Duration: 59 minutes

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Welcome to the BuiltOnAir Podcast, the live show.  The BuiltOnAir Podcast is a live weekly show highlighting everything happening in the Airtable world.

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Todays Hosts

Alli Alosa – Hi there! I’m Alli 🙂 I’m a fine artist turned “techie” with a passion for organization and automation. I’m also proud to be a Community Leader in the Airtable forum, and a co-host of the BuiltOnAir podcast. My favorite part about being an Airtable consultant and developer is that I get to talk with people from all sorts of industries, and each project is an opportunity to learn how a business works.

Kamille Parks – I am an Airtable Community Forums Leader and the developer behind the custom Airtable app “Scheduler”, one of the winning projects in the Airtable Custom Blocks Contest now widely available on the Marketplace. I focus on building simple scripts, automations, and custom apps for Airtable that streamline data entry and everyday workflows.

Dan Fellars – I am the Founder of Openside, On2Air, and BuiltOnAir. I love automation and software. When not coding the next feature of On2Air, I love spending time with my wife and kids and golfing.

Show Segments

Round The Bases – 00:02:54 –

An App a Day – 00:30:33 –

Watch as we install, explore, and showcase the Fillout Forms App from the Airtable Marketplace. The app is described as “Scott will demo how to use Fillout forms with Airtable.”.

View App

Scripting Time – 00:51:31 –

Explore Scripting with “Field Search”.

Alli will share a script that can search all the fields in a base for a particular word/phrase.

Field Focus – –

A deep dive into the ARRAYSLICE Formula – Understanding the new ARRAYSLICE Function 

Learn More Here

Full Segment Details

Segment: Round The Bases

Start Time: 00:02:54

Roundup of what’s happening in the Airtable communities – Airtable, BuiltOnAir, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Segment: An App a Day

Start Time: 00:30:33

Airtable App Showcase – Fillout Forms – Scott will demo how to use Fillout forms with Airtable.

Watch as we install, explore, and showcase the Fillout Forms App from the Airtable Marketplace. The app is described as “Scott will demo how to use Fillout forms with Airtable.”.

View App

Segment: Scripting Time

Start Time: 00:51:31

Scripting Time: Field Search

Explore Scripting with “Field Search”.

Alli will share a script that can search all the fields in a base for a particular word/phrase.

Segment: Field Focus

Start Time:

Learn about the ARRAYSLICE – Understanding the new ARRAYSLICE Function

A deep dive into the ARRAYSLICE Formula – Understanding the new ARRAYSLICE Function 

Learn More Here

Full Transcription

The full transcription for the show can be found here:

[00:01:41] Welcome back to the BuiltOnAir Podcast.
[00:01:44] We are in season 16,
[00:01:46] episode three.
[00:01:47] Good to be back with you myself,
[00:01:49] Alli and Kamille
[00:01:51] and our top returning guest, Scott Rose.
[00:01:54] Welcome back. Thank you so much.
[00:01:57] I'm thrilled to be here.
[00:01:59] Always good to have you back on
[00:02:01] and,
[00:02:01] and, so we'll walk you through
[00:02:02] what we're gonna be talking about today.
[00:02:04] BuiltOnAir Podcast is an hour long show
[00:02:07] where we'll talk about all things
[00:02:09] Airtable.
[00:02:09] We always start with our Round the Bases
[00:02:12] to see what's new in Airtable and all
[00:02:14] the different communities.
[00:02:16] Keep you up to date.
[00:02:17] Then a quick spotlight on
[00:02:19] On2Air our primary sponsor
[00:02:22] and then Scott's gonna walk us through
[00:02:24] a third party app called Fill Out Fill
[00:02:26] Out Forms
[00:02:27] and how that works with Airtable.
[00:02:29] Then,
[00:02:31] Alli is gonna show us some scripts
[00:02:33] that are able to search throughout all the
[00:02:35] fields
[00:02:37] and then how to join our community.
[00:02:40] And then finally, I'm gonna walk us
[00:02:42] through the array slice
[00:02:43] new function that was
[00:02:44] added, new formula function
[00:02:46] that was added. So
[00:02:48] exciting show for you today
[00:02:50] with our Round the Bases
[00:02:53] I'll start with, we talked about
[00:02:56] there was a big conference in France,
[00:02:59] the No Code Summit.
[00:03:01] So I looked through Twitter
[00:03:03] saw a couple of cool things.
[00:03:05] A lot of people that
[00:03:06] we know in,
[00:03:07] in the BuiltOnAir community
[00:03:09] and just the Airtable community
[00:03:11] were there
[00:03:11] saw lots of pictures,
[00:03:13] I don't think any of us went but
[00:03:15] saw some cool things. So definitely
[00:03:18] and I did see they're doing it again.
[00:03:20] So I'm like maybe next year it's gonna be
[00:03:21] in Paris. And
[00:03:23] so maybe next year
[00:03:25] I think it's in October again.
[00:03:27] That'd be great.
[00:03:28] Oh, I saw there was a smart suit
[00:03:29] banner in the background
[00:03:31] so they were there.
[00:03:31] Yeah. Smart Suite was definitely there
[00:03:33] was there.
[00:03:35] Yes,
[00:03:37] I think, I don't think Airtable did any
[00:03:42] you know, talks
[00:03:43] Smart, sweet, had a talk, I think f
[00:03:45] out was there.
[00:03:48] there were like a lot of tools
[00:03:50] that I had seen
[00:03:52] and had tried to use before.
[00:03:53] So it was a little bummed
[00:03:55] that I couldn't go,
[00:03:55] but maybe next year
[00:03:58] if we buy tickets now a year
[00:04:00] in advance for airfare,
[00:04:02] I think we'll get them for
[00:04:03] like 50 bucks a ticket.
[00:04:04] Yeah, I think that was it.
[00:04:06] Because the price of the
[00:04:08] conference was perfectly
[00:04:09] reasonable, in my opinion,
[00:04:11] it was just like,
[00:04:12] ok, well, now I've got to fly
[00:04:14] to France and then get, you know,
[00:04:15] lodging for
[00:04:17] the period of time
[00:04:18] and I just didn't plan far enough ahead.
[00:04:21] Yeah,
[00:04:21] same with me.
[00:04:24] Yeah. So, anyways, if, if you,
[00:04:26] went to the show,
[00:04:27] let us know how it was what
[00:04:28] you liked about it.
[00:04:30] And so, yeah, maybe next year
[00:04:32] we'll make an appearance.
[00:04:35] All right. A couple, threads on A I
[00:04:39] So on Reddit, they were talking about a
[00:04:42] I, what people thought about it.
[00:04:44] So it's starting to get out there.
[00:04:47] It's still in beta with within Airtable.
[00:04:51] But interesting to see people
[00:04:53] start to talk about it.
[00:04:56] General consensus,
[00:04:57] it's kind of mixed I think
[00:04:58] is at least according to this
[00:05:00] thread, some people are fans,
[00:05:02] some people are not
[00:05:04] any, any thoughts on the A I
[00:05:06] feature in Airtable yet
[00:05:08] for those who have
[00:05:09] played with it?
[00:05:10] I haven't personally used it yet,
[00:05:12] but some of the sentiments I heard is that
[00:05:15] it because it's a field,
[00:05:16] it's sort of limited into
[00:05:18] filling in that one particular field
[00:05:20] with data, whereas other platforms have
[00:05:23] integrated A I in other ways like,
[00:05:26] you know, build my automation
[00:05:29] for me with A I
[00:05:30] or construct a table or a base for
[00:05:33] me using A I. So
[00:05:35] it's just limited in its scope.
[00:05:38] But in terms of what the A I field does,
[00:05:42] I mean, they all do the same thing
[00:05:44] to be honest, they're all
[00:05:46] effectively using the same
[00:05:48] technologies. But if you're looking
[00:05:50] for something that's going to do more
[00:05:53] than just enrich your data
[00:05:55] then
[00:05:55] you might be disappointed
[00:05:57] with Airtable's A I.
[00:06:00] Yeah.
[00:06:00] Yeah.
[00:06:02] Yep.
[00:06:04] Yeah, I know Chris. Chris uses it a lot
[00:06:07] and he shared some of his use cases,
[00:06:10] Chris Dancy and comments on there.
[00:06:14] So yeah, but keeping in the,
[00:06:16] in the thread of A I
[00:06:17] in the, BuiltOnAir community,
[00:06:19] this was in a lot of other places softer
[00:06:22] announced their softer A I
[00:06:25] and so they kind of, yeah,
[00:06:27] it's different. It's not just,
[00:06:29] it's not just kind of a wrapper
[00:06:31] around prompts. They build it into the
[00:06:33] application and
[00:06:35] allow you to, they use A I
[00:06:37] to generate apps with just a few
[00:06:40] inputs from you.
[00:06:44] Yeah. Very cool stuff there.
[00:06:47] I haven't played with it yet but
[00:06:49] they're using A I across their whole
[00:06:51] platform in so many different ways too.
[00:06:53] Like they even have,
[00:06:54] I'm not sure if it's powered by
[00:06:56] a mid journey or,
[00:06:57] or what, but they have a way
[00:06:58] you can just type in what
[00:07:00] you want for an image to
[00:07:01] be generated
[00:07:02] and like
[00:07:03] in the same place where you can search
[00:07:05] for stock photos, you can say like I want
[00:07:07] a truck driving down the road and
[00:07:09] it'll just generate an A I image
[00:07:11] for you, which is really cool.
[00:07:14] Yeah, I have mixed
[00:07:16] thoughts on on this approach.
[00:07:19] I think it's cool. I think it's,
[00:07:22] I think from a developer standpoint,
[00:07:24] like this saves them from having to create
[00:07:26] a ton of templates.
[00:07:29] But
[00:07:30] I think it, they'll have the
[00:07:32] same issue that all the
[00:07:33] templates have is like,
[00:07:35] they're great for proof of concept
[00:07:38] or to like, see what's possible,
[00:07:40] but
[00:07:41] what it actually builds is not exactly
[00:07:43] what you want and it becomes
[00:07:45] sometimes more difficult to mold
[00:07:47] what was built
[00:07:49] with all the things versus like
[00:07:51] just starting from scratch.
[00:07:52] You know, like I, I imagine most of us
[00:07:55] start from scratch
[00:07:57] when we're building new,
[00:07:58] new apps and Airtable instead of
[00:08:00] using
[00:08:01] something from the universe or something.
[00:08:03] So I think we'll see similar approach
[00:08:06] where it's like, oh, the initial wow
[00:08:08] factor will be cool. But
[00:08:09] when once you're a power user,
[00:08:11] you probably will still
[00:08:12] start from scratch is my
[00:08:13] thought
[00:08:17] it wasn't softr, but it was no loco
[00:08:19] which allows you to generate
[00:08:23] you know, a basin
[00:08:24] app design from A I and I tested it out
[00:08:28] and because I wasn't
[00:08:30] familiar with how they,
[00:08:32] you know, behind the scenes,
[00:08:33] how their tables look and sort of operate.
[00:08:35] There were
[00:08:37] the prompt got close to what I wanted
[00:08:40] for a basic schema. So that was useful,
[00:08:42] but there were like extra fields
[00:08:44] that were added
[00:08:45] and I wasn't sure how no loco
[00:08:47] specifically handled links.
[00:08:49] And so I like deleted what I
[00:08:51] thought I didn't need and it kind of,
[00:08:52] I just add some of them back and
[00:08:55] it kind of
[00:08:57] gets you in a position where templates
[00:09:00] are like made and reviewed by a person as
[00:09:03] like, yeah, this is what this is a good
[00:09:06] starting point to use for a broad number
[00:09:08] of people. Whereas A I is doing its
[00:09:10] best to,
[00:09:12] you know, match your prompt and
[00:09:14] if it gets something wrong,
[00:09:16] it's gonna be in the final product
[00:09:19] rather than a template being like designed
[00:09:21] for that purpose specifically,
[00:09:23] but more generically, of course.
[00:09:25] So
[00:09:25] pros and cons with both.
[00:09:29] Yeah.
[00:09:31] So we'll see, but this is definitely
[00:09:33] the I think kind kind of be the the status
[00:09:35] quo the standard for, for software
[00:09:38] things like this built A I built
[00:09:41] into the application.
[00:09:44] So
[00:09:45] will be interesting.
[00:09:48] All right. Continuing on now we're gonna
[00:09:50] talk a little bit about pricing,
[00:09:52] favorite topic.
[00:09:54] So on reddit,
[00:09:56] somebody lamenting that on the free tier,
[00:09:59] you no longer get your one free
[00:10:01] extension that you used to get.
[00:10:05] Yeah, this is
[00:10:07] you know,
[00:10:08] the long arc of Airtable's
[00:10:10] pricing structure.
[00:10:12] Originally free plans couldn't
[00:10:13] use extensions at all.
[00:10:16] Well, originally ex
[00:10:17] extensions didn't exist at all
[00:10:19] and they were added for pro
[00:10:21] users when they were added.
[00:10:23] So that was like
[00:10:24] that's how they started
[00:10:25] and it was kind of the accepted thing.
[00:10:27] And then the scripting extension
[00:10:28] got released as a beta
[00:10:29] that was available to
[00:10:30] anyone and
[00:10:31] there was this long thing about
[00:10:33] whether or not it would become
[00:10:35] a paid feature
[00:10:36] like all the other extensions
[00:10:38] or free like it currently is and
[00:10:39] they made it free
[00:10:41] and then
[00:10:42] they changed their pricing structure
[00:10:44] so that the scripting extension was free
[00:10:46] for everybody no matter what.
[00:10:48] And you can have one other
[00:10:50] extension for free if
[00:10:52] you were on the free plan
[00:10:54] and then they changed it again
[00:10:55] so that the scripting extension is
[00:10:58] and all apps or extensions
[00:11:01] are at the teams formally known as pro
[00:11:04] plan now. So,
[00:11:06] you know, it,
[00:11:08] we're back to where we started
[00:11:10] but because there was that
[00:11:12] like two years of,
[00:11:13] you know, varying degrees of letting
[00:11:16] the lower tiers use it,
[00:11:18] it kind of,
[00:11:19] you know,
[00:11:20] if you were relying on whatever
[00:11:22] extension you chose or the scripting
[00:11:24] extension, like
[00:11:26] what do you do? I guess you upgrade
[00:11:29] you know,
[00:11:31] yeah, what, what I thought was interesting
[00:11:33] is that they actually took it away.
[00:11:35] So this person, well, it's not quite
[00:11:37] clear if they actually
[00:11:39] took it away or they
[00:11:40] created like a new base
[00:11:42] and it wasn't available.
[00:11:44] Did it actually take it away
[00:11:46] you were using it?
[00:11:47] I believe
[00:11:48] it will disable the extension. So,
[00:11:53] and that kind of happens
[00:11:55] if you were to like
[00:11:57] download a
[00:11:59] base off of the like universe
[00:12:01] that used a bunch
[00:12:02] of extensions and you put it
[00:12:03] into a free workspace.
[00:12:05] You know, before they, the most
[00:12:07] recent pricing change,
[00:12:08] it would just disable
[00:12:09] your, your extension.
[00:12:10] It wouldn't delete them,
[00:12:11] but you couldn't use them until
[00:12:12] you upgraded or moved it
[00:12:14] to a different workspace.
[00:12:15] So I imagine it's the same
[00:12:17] experience. It's still there,
[00:12:20] but you can't use it until you pay for it.
[00:12:23] I think the big
[00:12:24] issue here with this guy's post
[00:12:26] and with many people's
[00:12:27] sentiments in general is
[00:12:28] that
[00:12:29] air, you know, people expect
[00:12:30] companies to raise their prices,
[00:12:32] you know, when inflation is going up
[00:12:34] and you know, you know,
[00:12:35] prices go up. But
[00:12:36] I think what everybody was not expecting
[00:12:38] and they feel like slapped in the face
[00:12:40] is that Airtable
[00:12:42] took away features
[00:12:45] at
[00:12:45] existing price points.
[00:12:47] Like it would be one thing to say,
[00:12:49] you know, oh, you know, we're so sorry,
[00:12:51] we now have to
[00:12:52] double the the fee you pay for this,
[00:12:54] that that would already be bad enough.
[00:12:56] But what they're saying is, oh,
[00:12:57] all the things
[00:12:58] that you are already used to
[00:12:59] getting at this price point
[00:13:00] they're now gone for,
[00:13:02] for the free plan for the team's plan.
[00:13:04] The plus people are the only people
[00:13:06] that really made out like bandits on this
[00:13:07] one
[00:13:08] because plus people are still
[00:13:10] paying their old prices,
[00:13:12] but
[00:13:13] they're getting all the new features
[00:13:15] of teams, which is very interesting.
[00:13:17] Are they paying the old price?
[00:13:19] I thought they had to upgrade
[00:13:21] it.
[00:13:21] It made them upgrade like automatically.
[00:13:25] But I believe you were able to keep the
[00:13:27] price point. I don't know for
[00:13:29] how long, if it was just like,
[00:13:30] for the end of whatever that cycle was,
[00:13:33] but at least initially they were
[00:13:34] still at $10.
[00:13:36] Ok. Yeah, I don't know
[00:13:37] how long the old pricing,
[00:13:38] like Kamille just said.
[00:13:40] But,
[00:13:41] yeah, the 10 people that had plus.
[00:13:48] Exactly.
[00:13:49] See, I feel like it,
[00:13:49] I feel like your t,
[00:13:50] would have been better if they,
[00:13:52] like, grandfathered people in,
[00:13:53] in some way or
[00:13:55] just let them keep their existing features
[00:13:57] and then do a price increase.
[00:13:58] I think that would have been
[00:14:00] more palatable to people.
[00:14:02] I think in the no code world,
[00:14:04] $20 is some magic number
[00:14:05] that everyone just
[00:14:06] decided
[00:14:07] some batch of features is going to be
[00:14:09] $20 a month per user and we're just going
[00:14:12] to change what that batch is,
[00:14:14] you know, every winter solstice it seems.
[00:14:17] Right.
[00:14:18] Yeah.
[00:14:19] Yeah.
[00:14:20] Yeah.
[00:14:24] Similar on that note,
[00:14:26] actually Scott responded to this similar
[00:14:29] kind of on pricing
[00:14:31] if you were on the paid tier
[00:14:33] and you move it down to the free
[00:14:35] tier. What happens to the records?
[00:14:38] What happened, Scott?
[00:14:40] Yeah, the records are not deleted.
[00:14:42] So the records are still in your base.
[00:14:44] But I don't actually know what it,
[00:14:46] what happens when you try to add new
[00:14:48] records above the limits.
[00:14:50] I don't know if the plus sign
[00:14:52] turns into a lock or something,
[00:14:53] but basically if you do downgrade,
[00:14:56] you will still see all of your old records
[00:14:59] there.
[00:15:01] Has anyone tried to add any record
[00:15:04] to a base that's been downgraded and
[00:15:07] over the limits?
[00:15:08] It doesn't, it just is all grayed out.
[00:15:10] I can't recall if it actually
[00:15:12] is a lock. But, yeah, you,
[00:15:14] you can't add new ones
[00:15:15] and that's only, I've, I've noticed
[00:15:17] only in a free account that's over limits
[00:15:20] if you're over limits in a pro account,
[00:15:22] or teams account still getting
[00:15:24] used to the new nomenclature.
[00:15:26] You, you can still add records.
[00:15:28] I don't know for how long
[00:15:29] they're gonna let you
[00:15:29] to do that. But there's some
[00:15:32] sort of grace period
[00:15:34] for a paid account,
[00:15:36] but for free,
[00:15:37] they definitely lock it down.
[00:15:39] Yeah.
[00:15:40] Interesting.
[00:15:42] All right. Moving on now into the
[00:15:45] Facebook community.
[00:15:47] Let me see if the post here.
[00:15:49] OK. We gotta be, we gotta be fair.
[00:15:51] Scott's gonna give the pro for fill out
[00:15:53] Charlie shares a
[00:15:55] interesting
[00:15:57] weird bug or feature. Apparently
[00:16:00] it's a feature but basically in fill out,
[00:16:03] although Charlie's a fan
[00:16:04] says it's an amazing product,
[00:16:06] but their collaboration functionality
[00:16:09] behaves weird where if you
[00:16:11] get added as a collaborator,
[00:16:13] it pulls all of your forms
[00:16:17] into that collaborator account
[00:16:20] or something. So
[00:16:21] when you get added as a collaborator
[00:16:23] to one account, that account can now see
[00:16:25] all your other forms.
[00:16:27] So they don't like separate
[00:16:29] out all the forms across
[00:16:30] collaborators or your personal
[00:16:33] So be careful about that.
[00:16:35] That's
[00:16:36] very
[00:16:36] interesting.
[00:16:37] Yeah,
[00:16:38] I noticed that before I signed up
[00:16:40] for my own fill out account,
[00:16:42] I actually had a client invite me
[00:16:45] in as a collaborator on theirs.
[00:16:48] And when I right before I accepted
[00:16:50] like the accept button
[00:16:51] to be a collaborator,
[00:16:52] there was actually a warning
[00:16:54] about this on the fill out
[00:16:55] and it said something
[00:16:56] like if you accept this invitation
[00:16:57] as a collaborator,
[00:16:58] like you will not be able
[00:16:59] to create your own
[00:17:01] account
[00:17:02] or something like that.
[00:17:03] So that may be related to what
[00:17:05] Charlie has pointed out here so that
[00:17:08] hopefully they'll fix that at some point.
[00:17:11] Yeah.
[00:17:12] Yeah, I feel like they probably have to
[00:17:14] implement something akin to Airtables
[00:17:16] workspace feature where,
[00:17:18] you know, it's a separate environment,
[00:17:21] but you can have access to
[00:17:22] workspaces that are shared with you.
[00:17:25] I mean,
[00:17:25] the issue with Airtable is that
[00:17:27] you're charged by workspace.
[00:17:29] And so if you need,
[00:17:30] you know,
[00:17:31] two or more, you're effectively
[00:17:33] doubling your price
[00:17:34] if they decide to start
[00:17:35] charging by
[00:17:36] workspace instead of whatever
[00:17:38] their current pricing structure is.
[00:17:39] But it would patch a pretty serious
[00:17:43] like security thing for me,
[00:17:44] for me, it's not the form
[00:17:46] necessarily but the form
[00:17:47] submissions
[00:17:48] which I imagine you
[00:17:49] would have access to. And so like,
[00:17:51] you know, you want to share
[00:17:53] everybody's email who was
[00:17:55] loosely associated with you?
[00:17:57] That doesn't seem reasonable.
[00:17:59] Yeah,
[00:18:01] Jen says that that she pointed out
[00:18:04] and their response was that you need to
[00:18:06] create separate emails
[00:18:08] for different logins to each account.
[00:18:11] Yeah. What I've been doing with
[00:18:13] my clients is just logging with their
[00:18:15] email address and password.
[00:18:16] You know,
[00:18:17] they just shared that with me that,
[00:18:18] that would be like a quick fix.
[00:18:21] absolutely.
[00:18:22] Yeah.
[00:18:24] All right. Next one also from
[00:18:26] the Facebook Airtable community.
[00:18:31] Oh, yeah. This is also on pricing.
[00:18:33] If you have an old Airtable Legacy
[00:18:36] account from 2018 with the old free plan
[00:18:39] allowed, does anybody
[00:18:40] know if it will still keep that?
[00:18:42] And if not, what will they change
[00:18:44] with all these updates?
[00:18:48] My guess is no,
[00:18:49] there was someone on the Airtable
[00:18:51] community forums complaining
[00:18:52] about something similar to that
[00:18:54] where they were,
[00:18:55] like we were grandfathered
[00:18:56] in for all these years and now
[00:18:57] everything's changed.
[00:18:58] That's just my guess.
[00:18:59] I don't know for sure.
[00:19:01] I
[00:19:01] don't think they're gonna be
[00:19:03] grandfathering anyone in, but however,
[00:19:05] I'm not sure how they
[00:19:06] would treat accounts like that.
[00:19:08] Like, how, how would they make
[00:19:10] somebody choose which five
[00:19:11] or which collaborators
[00:19:13] to keep or are they gonna
[00:19:14] kick everybody out at the same
[00:19:15] time? I don't know.
[00:19:17] Yeah.
[00:19:18] Apparently Chuck asked support
[00:19:20] and they said there's
[00:19:22] no plans to grandfather in
[00:19:23] Legacy plans.
[00:19:26] Yeah.
[00:19:28] It's hard when you're like,
[00:19:31] comparing a 2018 plan versus,
[00:19:34] you know, the 2021 plan versus
[00:19:36] the 2022 and 2023.
[00:19:37] Like there's so many different
[00:19:39] versions of
[00:19:41] these different plans. I mean,
[00:19:43] we, there's this whole
[00:19:44] discussion of whether
[00:19:45] teams was an appropriate name for
[00:19:48] the
[00:19:48] formerly known as pro
[00:19:49] plan, but at least I now can call it
[00:19:52] something different from the previous four
[00:19:54] different pro
[00:19:55] plans.
[00:19:57] It's hard to say what features
[00:19:59] you pull forward from some of the,
[00:20:02] you know,
[00:20:03] older versions of the product and,
[00:20:05] you know, unlimited
[00:20:07] editors and creators.
[00:20:08] sounds awesome
[00:20:10] and it's a free account.
[00:20:11] It's not like you can put
[00:20:12] a bunch of stuff in there.
[00:20:14] So I, I
[00:20:15] think it would be great if that
[00:20:17] was rolled forward,
[00:20:18] but I don't suspect that
[00:20:20] they will.
[00:20:21] Yeah.
[00:20:23] Yeah. It'll be interesting because
[00:20:25] I have one of those and it,
[00:20:26] it says on there, you know,
[00:20:27] it says Legacy free
[00:20:29] or something like there's,
[00:20:30] there's a call out there.
[00:20:32] So, you know, and they try
[00:20:33] to get you to upgrade
[00:20:34] um to the, to the new free.
[00:20:38] But yeah, I haven't,
[00:20:39] I haven't looked at that space in a while.
[00:20:42] All right, let's see.
[00:20:45] All right. A few more from the BuiltOnAir
[00:20:48] community. We have to decide on the
[00:20:50] show. Is it database or database?
[00:20:52] That was the discussion?
[00:20:56] I don't even know.
[00:20:57] I think I say it both ways
[00:20:58] and I think that's
[00:20:59] exactly
[00:20:59] what Dan wrote at the top there too.
[00:21:02] Yeah, I think I say it both ways.
[00:21:04] Yeah, I definitely,
[00:21:05] yeah,
[00:21:06] me too. I, I wrote there that
[00:21:09] that Hannah made me realize
[00:21:11] that I have no consistency with the
[00:21:13] pronunciation of this word.
[00:21:15] Right?
[00:21:16] I know. Right.
[00:21:18] Yeah. Yeah.
[00:21:19] That made me very aware of this issue.
[00:21:24] And Justin got a real world
[00:21:27] use case of this.
[00:21:28] Apparently there's a movie
[00:21:30] spies in disguise where they have
[00:21:32] this similar debate. So that was ironic.
[00:21:36] I
[00:21:36] love it.
[00:21:37] Good stuff. And Melanie,
[00:21:39] Melanie says they,
[00:21:40] they've already removed the,
[00:21:42] the, the legacy free.
[00:21:45] Well,
[00:21:45] you
[00:21:46] may be
[00:21:46] gone
[00:21:47] but you know what else is interesting?
[00:21:49] I have a bunch of clients that are on pro
[00:21:50] that still haven't been automatically
[00:21:52] transitioned to teams yet.
[00:21:54] I don't, I'm assuming it's coming.
[00:21:56] I thought it was coming in August or
[00:21:57] September
[00:21:58] and now we're mid October.
[00:22:00] Have you guys seen that with
[00:22:01] any of your clients that are on pro?
[00:22:06] Let me check my Airtable
[00:22:08] and see what it says I'm on.
[00:22:09] Yeah, I, I think,
[00:22:11] I think they haven't fully rolled it out
[00:22:15] and I don't know what
[00:22:16] their criteria is for who gets
[00:22:18] switched over.
[00:22:19] Yeah, mine still says pro
[00:22:21] mine still says pro too.
[00:22:23] Interesting.
[00:22:24] Maybe they, maybe they decided
[00:22:26] not to go with the new pricing
[00:22:29] or if they decided to go
[00:22:30] with the new pricing
[00:22:32] but not the new names,
[00:22:32] meaning things stay,
[00:22:34] they get more confusing.
[00:22:37] You started to call it the new name
[00:22:39] and that was the old one.
[00:22:41] Right. Right.
[00:22:43] And what's interesting is I just paid
[00:22:45] yesterday my annual,
[00:22:48] like for the next year of Airtable,
[00:22:50] but it still says pro.
[00:22:52] Oh, interesting.
[00:22:55] Oh, but that's the same, right?
[00:22:56] Pro teams are the same pricing,
[00:22:57] right?
[00:22:59] I
[00:22:59] wonder what it says for people
[00:23:01] that just sign up. Like,
[00:23:03] if, if new accounts have
[00:23:05] switched over
[00:23:06] or
[00:23:06] the same?
[00:23:07] Interesting.
[00:23:09] Yeah,
[00:23:10] that would be interesting.
[00:23:13] All right. Next one.
[00:23:14] This is a cool,
[00:23:16] show and tell from MEREDITH
[00:23:19] and the BuiltOnAir
[00:23:20] community and her company.
[00:23:23] kind of, it's kind of cool.
[00:23:25] Let me click on their link.
[00:23:26] So they take,
[00:23:28] they take recycled turbine blades
[00:23:31] and they turn them into artwork,
[00:23:33] functional art.
[00:23:34] So these come from jet engines or,
[00:23:37] you know, jets and then they
[00:23:39] turn them in
[00:23:40] and, and the back end is all built
[00:23:43] in Airtable. So that is pretty cool.
[00:23:46] We'll need to get her on the show
[00:23:48] to, to share what, what they did.
[00:23:50] So there you can see something
[00:23:52] that is built out of a jet turban.
[00:23:54] That's
[00:23:55] very
[00:23:55] cool.
[00:23:58] Yeah, that'd be cool to see
[00:24:00] that the Airtable base for that.
[00:24:04] So MEREDITH, come on the show,
[00:24:05] share with us what you built.
[00:24:12] All right.
[00:24:14] And then lastly from Justin some,
[00:24:17] some tricks that he's learned about
[00:24:20] Airtable formulas and field I DS.
[00:24:22] If you build an Airtable formula
[00:24:24] that references another field
[00:24:26] and you use a field ID
[00:24:27] instead of the field name
[00:24:29] Airtable won't throw any errors
[00:24:31] when saving the field
[00:24:33] configuration provided
[00:24:34] that the id relates to an
[00:24:36] actual field in the same table.
[00:24:38] The next time you configure the fields
[00:24:40] formula, you'll see the name instead of
[00:24:42] the field id between the curly braces.
[00:24:45] This by itself isn't terribly practical,
[00:24:47] but it was in testing the theory that I
[00:24:49] discovered the following
[00:24:50] when building a formula
[00:24:52] string to use in an API call that uses
[00:24:54] a filter by formula. You can simply use a
[00:24:57] field id in place of a field name,
[00:24:59] for example, to find all the records.
[00:25:01] So basically, yeah,
[00:25:03] you can always substitute a field id
[00:25:07] instead of the name,
[00:25:09] but I didn't realize that you could do it
[00:25:12] in the formula.
[00:25:13] But then it switches it to the name,
[00:25:17] which is interesting,
[00:25:19] I guess. Yeah, with Airtable itself,
[00:25:21] it's always maintaining a live link to
[00:25:23] your other fields. So it knows,
[00:25:25] but that,
[00:25:27] but when using something
[00:25:29] like make or Zappier
[00:25:30] make I know has an option,
[00:25:32] an advanced setting where you
[00:25:33] could turn it on to always use field
[00:25:35] IDS
[00:25:36] because some things in make
[00:25:38] will could potentially
[00:25:40] break if you rename the
[00:25:41] fields and Airtable.
[00:25:43] And if you turn on the advanced
[00:25:44] setting to always use field I DS,
[00:25:46] then behind the scenes,
[00:25:47] it'll always be using the field id.
[00:25:49] When it communicates
[00:25:50] with, with Airtable.
[00:25:52] There is a downside to that,
[00:25:53] which is that when you get
[00:25:54] error messages and make
[00:25:55] the error messages will show with
[00:25:57] the field ID as opposed to the field name.
[00:25:59] So it's a little harder to troubleshoot.
[00:26:01] But anyways, yeah,
[00:26:04] the good thing is, remember
[00:26:06] now they have the,
[00:26:08] the viewer, the admin page that
[00:26:10] shows you all the field I DS.
[00:26:11] Remember the old way you had to,
[00:26:12] like,
[00:26:13] there was like a trick to,
[00:26:15] like, get the field ID
[00:26:17] via formula field or something
[00:26:19] you could or you would go to the API
[00:26:22] that's generated for each base.
[00:26:24] But that's like
[00:26:26] that's annoying.
[00:26:27] Yeah.
[00:26:27] And you know, it's, it's long,
[00:26:29] it's for like every single
[00:26:31] table that you have in
[00:26:32] there, it was difficult
[00:26:34] to search and filter. So
[00:26:36] the manage fields
[00:26:38] feature is pretty useful. It is
[00:26:41] for,
[00:26:43] I think it's there for teams
[00:26:45] but you don't have dependencies.
[00:26:47] I think that's locked for business, right.
[00:26:50] And by the way, that field ID column
[00:26:52] is hidden by default. So you have to go to
[00:26:54] the little settings panel
[00:26:56] and enable the field id to see it.
[00:26:59] And you can also search by field id,
[00:27:01] which is useful
[00:27:02] if you've used it like in a
[00:27:03] script or something.
[00:27:05] And you want to figure out
[00:27:06] like what is this field?
[00:27:08] You could put it in the
[00:27:09] search bar and it will like
[00:27:11] then show you the name
[00:27:12] of the field which is very useful.
[00:27:14] Oh That's
[00:27:14] cool. You're saying in that in that
[00:27:16] tools area or in the main grid
[00:27:19] I haven't tried in the main grid view
[00:27:21] because you can search by a field name in
[00:27:22] the main grid view.
[00:27:24] But if you're in the managed fields,
[00:27:26] you know, tool thing, you can type in the,
[00:27:30] the id of a field and it will still filter
[00:27:32] appropriately. Oh, that's great.
[00:27:34] That's great.
[00:27:36] I'm I'm trying it now.
[00:27:38] Yeah, I was about to test
[00:27:40] you can't, I just tried searching
[00:27:42] field ID.
[00:27:44] If they add that, that'd be nice.
[00:27:46] You
[00:27:46] know, you could use your browser
[00:27:48] search to do it like your
[00:27:49] chrome search or your Safari search
[00:27:51] and that should hopefully find it
[00:27:53] interesting
[00:27:55] on
[00:27:55] the grid.
[00:27:56] No,
[00:27:56] on the
[00:28:00] cool.
[00:28:01] Yeah,
[00:28:01] that
[00:28:01] makes
[00:28:01] sense.
[00:28:03] All right. That wraps up our
[00:28:05] community updates. No major. Oh Wait,
[00:28:09] we, I didn't get the
[00:28:12] there was a new feature
[00:28:14] that we need to talk about.
[00:28:15] I apparently I didn't save
[00:28:17] the link to it but
[00:28:18] talking about you can now remove
[00:28:22] the primary field in grids in interfaces.
[00:28:26] I believe Ben. I thought Kamille you
[00:28:28] I thought you were the first to,
[00:28:29] to highlight that in the BuiltOnAir,
[00:28:31] but then Ben actually had a previous post.
[00:28:33] It's always Ben.
[00:28:39] That's exciting.
[00:28:40] Yeah, I did not notice
[00:28:42] much like many of these smaller
[00:28:44] like features. They're so small.
[00:28:46] I get why they're not in like their own
[00:28:49] announcement post. But yeah,
[00:28:51] in an interface in the full page or like
[00:28:54] embedded in like one of
[00:28:56] those custom layout things,
[00:28:57] you can not display
[00:29:00] the primary field. If you want,
[00:29:02] just like a list view, you can pick which
[00:29:04] ones are shown. And that's
[00:29:06] very useful because,
[00:29:08] you know, a lot of times you have a
[00:29:10] primary field
[00:29:11] that's like a concatinated
[00:29:12] formula of a lot of other fields. And,
[00:29:14] you know, you don't need it
[00:29:16] to see duplicative data. So,
[00:29:19] you know, I'm glad that feature
[00:29:20] was there and it's probably been there
[00:29:22] I don't know,
[00:29:24] maybe a week or something
[00:29:25] and it was just so,
[00:29:27] you know,
[00:29:27] just flew under the radar for me.
[00:29:31] So
[00:29:31] there was one feature update this week.
[00:29:35] All right,
[00:29:35] let's give a shout out to On2Air.
[00:29:38] It's our primary sponsor and On2Air is
[00:29:40] automated backups
[00:29:41] for your Airtable solutions.
[00:29:44] And
[00:29:45] just gonna highlight if you check out
[00:29:48] on2air.com, we have several guides
[00:29:50] that help you with your backup.
[00:29:52] So best practice is always
[00:29:54] have your data stored outside of Airtable.
[00:29:56] We help back up to
[00:29:58] box Dropbox or Google Drive
[00:30:00] and there is a guide on there.
[00:30:02] The essential guide
[00:30:03] to backups for your Airtable
[00:30:04] base walks you through all the ways
[00:30:06] you could potentially back up your data.
[00:30:08] But the easiest of
[00:30:10] course is to check out On2Air.
[00:30:11] set it up in a few minutes
[00:30:13] and you're good to go
[00:30:15] and you can rest assured
[00:30:16] that your data is stored
[00:30:18] outside of Airtable
[00:30:19] So check us out at on2air.com
[00:30:20] you can use BuiltOnAir
[00:30:22] for a discount code that gets you,
[00:30:25] I believe 10% off for a month or two.
[00:30:30] And now Scott's gonna walk us through
[00:30:33] third party app. Fill out forms.
[00:30:36] Great.
[00:30:38] All right,
[00:30:40] I will share my screen here.
[00:30:43] Let's see.
[00:30:48] Here we go.
[00:30:53] Ok.
[00:30:54] Ca can you see my yeah,
[00:30:57] can you zoom in just a little?
[00:31:00] Yes. What have I made the window smaller?
[00:31:03] Would that help? Let's see.
[00:31:06] Is that?
[00:31:07] Yeah.
[00:31:08] OK. Cool.
[00:31:09] Awesome. So basically we are gonna
[00:31:12] be talking about fill out and I'll just
[00:31:15] bring up their website here.
[00:31:17] So this is possibly, you know,
[00:31:20] the most advanced form
[00:31:22] tool that communicates
[00:31:24] directly with Airtable.
[00:31:26] It lets you
[00:31:28] create records in Airtable
[00:31:30] and update records in Airtable today.
[00:31:32] I'm gonna show you how you can
[00:31:34] use it to create records.
[00:31:35] I won't be going into
[00:31:36] the updating today.
[00:31:37] But it's very cool because
[00:31:40] it has a lot of advanced features
[00:31:42] that people have really wanted in
[00:31:45] Airtable's native forms
[00:31:47] for so many years and
[00:31:48] they've built a ton of them
[00:31:50] into this product.
[00:31:51] And so I'll start with this Airtable
[00:31:53] base that I've created here.
[00:31:54] And this is
[00:31:56] a base for taking orders for flowers.
[00:32:01] I actually figured that my name
[00:32:02] was my last name was Rose
[00:32:03] and I've never done
[00:32:04] anything flower
[00:32:05] related
[00:32:06] today. Today was the day.
[00:32:08] I probably should have saved it
[00:32:09] for like Valentine's Day or something.
[00:32:10] But
[00:32:11] it's October.
[00:32:12] We're doing it now.
[00:32:13] So anyways, we got a list of our customers
[00:32:16] here and we've got their emails,
[00:32:17] their phone numbers and whether
[00:32:19] they're active or inactive,
[00:32:20] any previous orders
[00:32:21] that they've placed here.
[00:32:23] And then we have this formula field,
[00:32:24] which I will show you a little bit later.
[00:32:26] And then,
[00:32:28] we have a list of products
[00:32:30] so you can buy roses, tulips and boxes of
[00:32:32] chocolates.
[00:32:33] Here's the price
[00:32:34] and then we have orders.
[00:32:36] There's no orders in the system yet,
[00:32:38] but each order can be linked to
[00:32:40] a particular customer.
[00:32:41] And then each order will
[00:32:43] have a whole bunch of line items
[00:32:44] and then there will be an order total.
[00:32:46] And then here's the order line items.
[00:32:48] So these two tables are blank right now
[00:32:51] and then in fill out,
[00:32:52] I would like to show you the form
[00:32:55] that I've created and then I'll sort of go
[00:32:58] backwards and show you what I did
[00:32:59] underneath the hood behind the scenes.
[00:33:01] So I'm gonna preview this form right here.
[00:33:04] And one cool thing that you can do
[00:33:06] with fill out is you can have multi
[00:33:08] page forms or you can
[00:33:10] have a single page form.
[00:33:12] And so since we can't do multi
[00:33:15] page forms in Airtable,
[00:33:16] I thought, oh,
[00:33:17] it would be very cool to show off the
[00:33:18] multi
[00:33:19] page feature of fill out.
[00:33:21] So
[00:33:22] I've started with a little welcome
[00:33:23] screen here.
[00:33:24] Welcome to the flower ordering
[00:33:25] form. We highly recommend the roses and
[00:33:28] then you click on start
[00:33:30] and it takes you to the first page
[00:33:31] of the form and it says please choose a
[00:33:33] customer
[00:33:34] and I'm gonna click on the add button here
[00:33:37] and it gives me a list of my customers.
[00:33:39] And here's one thing you could see right
[00:33:41] off the bat
[00:33:43] is that you can create new linked records.
[00:33:47] So we're actually in the,
[00:33:49] we're actually gonna be
[00:33:51] adding to the orders table,
[00:33:52] but it lets us create new customers
[00:33:55] in another table, which is the customer
[00:33:57] table.
[00:33:58] So one other thing you'll notice
[00:34:00] here is when I click on the add button,
[00:34:01] it's only showing me two customers.
[00:34:03] And that's because I have fill out set
[00:34:07] to only show me customers
[00:34:09] that I've marked as active. So only
[00:34:11] Alli and Kamille are our two
[00:34:12] active customers right now.
[00:34:14] And that can be all controlled in,
[00:34:16] fill out without you needing to create
[00:34:18] separate views or any other tricks
[00:34:21] in Airtable, fill out handles,
[00:34:23] all that for you. I'll show you that
[00:34:25] when I show you the set up of this.
[00:34:27] So what I'm gonna do here is
[00:34:28] I'm gonna choose one
[00:34:29] of our existing customers.
[00:34:30] I'm gonna choose Alli
[00:34:32] and then
[00:34:33] underneath here just so you know
[00:34:35] that I've chosen the right person here.
[00:34:38] It's showing some look up fields.
[00:34:40] It's showing even though we're doing
[00:34:42] this from within the orders table,
[00:34:44] it's showing her phone number
[00:34:46] and her email.
[00:34:47] I've also got it displaying up here
[00:34:48] as well.
[00:34:49] But normally I wouldn't want that.
[00:34:51] Normally, I would just want her name
[00:34:52] to be there and I'll show you
[00:34:54] how to change that as well.
[00:34:55] But I wanted to show you that this
[00:34:57] little blue thing
[00:34:58] highlights here showing you
[00:34:59] the value of,
[00:35:01] any field that you would like.
[00:35:03] And then if I X out of this,
[00:35:04] that disappears as well,
[00:35:06] so I'm gonna go back,
[00:35:07] I'm gonna choose Alli.
[00:35:08] I'm gonna go to the next screen
[00:35:10] here and now I'm gonna
[00:35:10] choose my product.
[00:35:12] And one thing that
[00:35:15] you know from working with Airtable
[00:35:17] is when you're adding line items or when
[00:35:19] you're adding linked records
[00:35:21] by default,
[00:35:22] it'll show you all the linked records
[00:35:24] that are in the other table
[00:35:26] that you haven't yet linked
[00:35:27] to that record to the
[00:35:28] main record.
[00:35:29] And you have to create a special view.
[00:35:31] If you only, if you don't want people
[00:35:33] to get confused,
[00:35:34] like if you don't want
[00:35:36] them to add line items
[00:35:37] that are associated
[00:35:38] with other people's products,
[00:35:39] you have to set up a separate view
[00:35:41] that filters those out. It's a big setup
[00:35:43] process. And then, and then in your
[00:35:45] linked record field, you have to say,
[00:35:47] only show the linked
[00:35:48] records from this view.
[00:35:49] Well, you don't have to worry about
[00:35:50] any of that with fill out
[00:35:51] when you click on
[00:35:52] the add button here to add a new product,
[00:35:54] we can make it so
[00:35:57] it only
[00:35:59] shows you,
[00:36:01] oh, you know, I'm sorry,
[00:36:02] I'm saying this wrong.
[00:36:03] On this page,
[00:36:04] we're actually gonna do the
[00:36:06] product here. But basically
[00:36:07] if you can hide it,
[00:36:09] so it only enables you
[00:36:12] to create new line items
[00:36:14] and it never lets you choose
[00:36:15] from existing line items
[00:36:16] that might be associated
[00:36:17] with other orders.
[00:36:18] That because that would
[00:36:19] be very, very confusing.
[00:36:20] So, what I've done here is
[00:36:22] I've
[00:36:23] chosen, I want six long stem
[00:36:26] roses shows me the cost
[00:36:28] and then I'm gonna say
[00:36:29] I want four of these and
[00:36:31] it's showing me that four times 3
[00:36:34] 4 times 30 would be 100 and $20.
[00:36:35] So it's doing calculations.
[00:36:37] So it's displaying fields
[00:36:39] from your table database
[00:36:41] and then it's doing the math as well.
[00:36:44] So I'm gonna submit this
[00:36:46] and
[00:36:48] it'll show up here in a second.
[00:36:51] This is my first line item here.
[00:36:53] And then I'm gonna click add,
[00:36:55] I'm gonna add another product here
[00:36:59] and we'll do 12 Long Stem roses
[00:37:02] and we'll do five of those.
[00:37:03] And that's $300.
[00:37:04] And now we're going to submit
[00:37:06] and now these are the items
[00:37:08] that are on our order
[00:37:09] and then here's the grand
[00:37:10] total that appears.
[00:37:12] And then when I submit it,
[00:37:13] it takes me to a final page
[00:37:15] that you can also
[00:37:16] customize
[00:37:17] as well.
[00:37:18] So that was a, basically
[00:37:20] a four page form.
[00:37:22] And when we come back into Airtable,
[00:37:24] we can see that Alli has placed
[00:37:26] a new order.
[00:37:27] It's now order number four in our
[00:37:29] database. And so we go here
[00:37:31] to order number four.
[00:37:33] It's linked to Alli.
[00:37:34] Here's the line items that she chose
[00:37:37] and here's the order total
[00:37:38] and here are
[00:37:40] the line items that are
[00:37:42] associated with that order.
[00:37:43] So, very cool.
[00:37:45] Quick question Scott. Does it,
[00:37:47] does it create the line items
[00:37:49] in line? Right as you click that ad,
[00:37:52] it creates it in Airtable?
[00:37:53] Yes, it does. But then it doesn't link it
[00:37:56] until you hit the second submit.
[00:37:58] That is correct. That is correct.
[00:38:00] So if somebody does
[00:38:01] leave the fill out form
[00:38:03] halfway through, you know,
[00:38:04] if they just close their web browser,
[00:38:05] you will have orphaned
[00:38:07] line items here.
[00:38:10] But they just won't be linked
[00:38:12] to anything at that point.
[00:38:14] So,
[00:38:15] oh, I'm sorry, go
[00:38:16] ahead.
[00:38:16] No, that's, that's what I would expect.
[00:38:18] That's good.
[00:38:19] Yeah.
[00:38:20] So you could actually, yeah,
[00:38:21] you could actually, you know,
[00:38:22] set up an automation
[00:38:23] maybe to catch,
[00:38:24] you know, those later if you wanted to
[00:38:26] or probably deal with them in a variety
[00:38:28] of different ways.
[00:38:30] Is it possible to
[00:38:33] I'm sure you can have
[00:38:34] like a hidden field in a form.
[00:38:36] Maybe you could like pass,
[00:38:38] you've already selected your customer,
[00:38:40] maybe you can pass the email
[00:38:42] of the customer to a field.
[00:38:45] And you know
[00:38:46] that way if they close the browser,
[00:38:48] maybe you could be like,
[00:38:49] hey, you,
[00:38:50] hey, finish this,
[00:38:52] you,
[00:38:53] you have a half made form or something.
[00:38:55] Totally. Yeah, that's a great idea.
[00:38:57] That's a great idea.
[00:38:59] And you know, a lot of stores do that.
[00:39:00] Have you ever noticed that when you leave
[00:39:01] the cart and then they'll
[00:39:03] send you the email?
[00:39:03] Yeah.
[00:39:04] Yeah, that's a perfect idea.
[00:39:06] So, yeah, I'll show you behind
[00:39:07] the scenes because
[00:39:08] you can have all sorts of
[00:39:09] hidden fields.
[00:39:10] You can have default fields
[00:39:12] that are also hidden.
[00:39:13] You could pass values from one page
[00:39:15] to another page of your form and then pass
[00:39:18] on
[00:39:18] values from a
[00:39:20] parent form to a sub
[00:39:21] form. Those when you're creating
[00:39:23] new records and other tables,
[00:39:25] they consider those sub forms
[00:39:27] or child forms
[00:39:28] and you could pass values down
[00:39:29] there.
[00:39:30] I'll show you a little bit of the setup
[00:39:32] of this behind the scenes here.
[00:39:33] So this is where you set up your pages.
[00:39:36] So you can see I have four pages set up
[00:39:39] here at the bottom.
[00:39:40] I've got the welcome page. We
[00:39:41] got the page page one,
[00:39:42] which is my customer selection.
[00:39:44] Page two is product selection
[00:39:46] and then my ending page
[00:39:48] and I name these pages down here.
[00:39:50] So you can name these whatever you want to
[00:39:51] make them easy for you to,
[00:39:54] you know, understand what they are.
[00:39:56] And then over here on the left,
[00:39:59] it will show you any fields
[00:40:01] that are in your Airtable base
[00:40:03] that you haven't yet
[00:40:04] added to your form.
[00:40:06] So I've already added all my fields
[00:40:08] to the form. So there's no more Airtable
[00:40:10] fields showing up here. But that's
[00:40:12] because I've already dragged them out onto
[00:40:14] the form.
[00:40:15] So,
[00:40:16] oh,
[00:40:16] I'm sorry, do you have a question?
[00:40:19] Oh, no.
[00:40:20] All right. So basically this is
[00:40:23] the linked record field. So this,
[00:40:26] when you first set up your form,
[00:40:28] it
[00:40:29] asks you what
[00:40:31] context this form is going to be from.
[00:40:34] So I chose the context of the order
[00:40:37] table.
[00:40:38] So because I wanted people
[00:40:40] to be adding in new orders,
[00:40:42] so the customer
[00:40:43] field will show up
[00:40:44] as a linked record field.
[00:40:46] So you could see that I brought on
[00:40:48] the customer linked record field here
[00:40:50] and they call linked records,
[00:40:52] they call them record pickers.
[00:40:54] And
[00:40:55] here's where you can set default values.
[00:40:57] You could put a caption like I type,
[00:41:00] please choose a customer here
[00:41:02] and then you get into some really
[00:41:04] cool advanced stuff here.
[00:41:06] The first thing that
[00:41:07] you can get to is can
[00:41:09] you create new records
[00:41:10] and
[00:41:11] I turn this on.
[00:41:12] So if the customer isn't in the list,
[00:41:15] you can actually create new customers
[00:41:17] in the link table in the customer's table
[00:41:20] even though you're actually typing
[00:41:22] in from the order table.
[00:41:24] And so here this is similar to Airtables
[00:41:26] interfaces. You click on this edit
[00:41:28] button right here
[00:41:30] and it'll open up in a new
[00:41:31] screen for you. And this is where
[00:41:34] you can figure the values of
[00:41:36] the,
[00:41:37] you can configure the, the, the layout
[00:41:40] in the fields and even default values
[00:41:42] if you want, they're gonna go
[00:41:44] into the customer's table. And
[00:41:46] another cool thing
[00:41:48] that Airtable does not have
[00:41:49] is you can set up validation for,
[00:41:54] for your fields. So you could set minimum
[00:41:57] length, maximum length.
[00:41:59] You could do Rejex
[00:42:00] if you like Rejex
[00:42:01] you could do conditions.
[00:42:03] And you could display
[00:42:05] custom error messages
[00:42:06] and these can be dynamic,
[00:42:07] custom error messages as well
[00:42:09] with this little blue plus sign.
[00:42:11] So
[00:42:12] that's one cool thing right off the bat.
[00:42:14] You have some really nice validation
[00:42:17] stuff here.
[00:42:18] So I'm gonna get out of this sub form.
[00:42:20] This is the child form basically to
[00:42:22] create new records in customers.
[00:42:24] I'm gonna return to the parent form,
[00:42:25] which is where we started
[00:42:27] and
[00:42:29] let's go back to customer selection here
[00:42:32] and
[00:42:33] you click on this little gear to open up
[00:42:35] the all your settings here on the right.
[00:42:38] And this is where you can pass information
[00:42:41] on to the sub form if you want to.
[00:42:44] And here is the advanced section.
[00:42:47] This is where you can choose
[00:42:50] what fields you wanna show
[00:42:52] when people are choosing
[00:42:54] a linked record.
[00:42:55] So let me show you what that looks like.
[00:42:57] I'm gonna click on preview here
[00:42:59] and so I've chosen three fields
[00:43:01] to show right now.
[00:43:02] So when somebody chooses a
[00:43:03] new customer here,
[00:43:05] you can custom, I've chosen it
[00:43:07] to show customer name, email
[00:43:09] and phone number.
[00:43:10] So all three are being displayed there
[00:43:13] and you can choose as many as you want.
[00:43:15] This is something that people have also
[00:43:17] wanted in Airtables forms
[00:43:19] where
[00:43:20] you know, you it only shows you
[00:43:22] the primary field.
[00:43:23] So you have to concatenate it
[00:43:24] with all the different fields you want.
[00:43:26] But let's say I don't want them to see
[00:43:28] the,
[00:43:28] you know, the phone number.
[00:43:30] I just want to see customer
[00:43:31] name and email.
[00:43:31] This is what that would look like.
[00:43:34] You can already guess
[00:43:35] what this looks like.
[00:43:36] So now you can see here that
[00:43:38] it's just showing customer name and email.
[00:43:40] So for each one of your linked records,
[00:43:42] you can pick as many fields as you want
[00:43:44] to display there.
[00:43:45] And another cool thing is you can
[00:43:48] choose what field you want to search by.
[00:43:52] So
[00:43:53] in Airtable, you can only
[00:43:55] search by the primary field.
[00:43:57] With fill out, you can choose any field
[00:44:00] that you want the user to be able to
[00:44:01] search by.
[00:44:02] Now, what you can also do is
[00:44:05] you can keep your primary field
[00:44:07] looking really nice
[00:44:09] in Airtable like this.
[00:44:11] And you could set up another field.
[00:44:13] Like in Airtable you would have had
[00:44:15] make this search formula
[00:44:16] the very first field, the primary field
[00:44:18] if you wanted people to search in their
[00:44:19] forms.
[00:44:20] But what you can do with fill out
[00:44:22] is you can keep this looking really,
[00:44:23] really nice and beautiful
[00:44:25] for your customers
[00:44:26] or for your internal team or
[00:44:27] whatever.
[00:44:28] And then you just create this search
[00:44:30] formula that combines everything
[00:44:31] and you can just hide this.
[00:44:33] Nobody even needs to see this.
[00:44:34] This can just be used in,
[00:44:37] fill out. So I chose
[00:44:39] to
[00:44:39] to search by that search formula field.
[00:44:42] So again, if I were to preview this
[00:44:44] and I go here to start
[00:44:46] and I choose a new customer
[00:44:47] now, even though you're not
[00:44:49] seeing that, well, you actually,
[00:44:51] you are seeing it right here,
[00:44:52] you can type by any of the values
[00:44:55] so I can type the phone number
[00:44:57] and Alli will still come up
[00:44:59] here in just a moment
[00:45:00] or I could type by the
[00:45:01] email address or whatever.
[00:45:02] Now, the one downside is
[00:45:05] even though in Airtable, you know,
[00:45:07] it's really nice and
[00:45:08] pretty your primary field.
[00:45:09] In fill out whatever field
[00:45:13] you use to search by,
[00:45:15] that's actually going to show up
[00:45:18] when you choose that.
[00:45:20] So
[00:45:21] even though this is not
[00:45:23] the primary field in Airtable,
[00:45:26] it it reveals basically,
[00:45:29] you know what you're searching on.
[00:45:30] So the search field
[00:45:31] and the display field are
[00:45:32] currently tied together.
[00:45:34] So that's sort of one downside
[00:45:37] just so you know about that.
[00:45:40] Ok, I'm gonna exit out a preview here.
[00:45:42] I'll show you a couple of other things
[00:45:43] that are really cool.
[00:45:45] So
[00:45:46] let me see. Oh yes, you can also
[00:45:48] filter your linked record field as well.
[00:45:51] This doesn't require you
[00:45:53] creating any other views in Airtable.
[00:45:55] You can edit your filters right here.
[00:45:57] And so I told it that I only wanted
[00:45:59] to show me customers where their status is
[00:46:01] active.
[00:46:02] So it's all done right here
[00:46:05] from from fill out
[00:46:07] and we already talked a little
[00:46:08] bit about validation before.
[00:46:10] And then here is where you can
[00:46:12] start bringing in look up
[00:46:13] fields from that other
[00:46:14] table. Now, in this particular instance,
[00:46:17] because I have this special search
[00:46:19] field,
[00:46:19] I don't really need to show these
[00:46:21] look up fields
[00:46:22] because it's already part of my
[00:46:23] search field.
[00:46:24] But let's say I got rid
[00:46:25] of that search field
[00:46:26] which also changes the display.
[00:46:28] So you're only seeing the customer name.
[00:46:30] I may want them to make sure
[00:46:32] they chose the right person here
[00:46:34] by bringing in some
[00:46:35] additional look up fields here.
[00:46:38] So the way you do that is
[00:46:40] you can, there's two different elements
[00:46:42] here that you can bring on your form.
[00:46:43] There's one that's called a banner.
[00:46:45] That's what this is.
[00:46:46] The banner is cool because
[00:46:48] you can set a background color
[00:46:49] and it sort of shows up
[00:46:51] like with this border around it.
[00:46:53] And then the other one is paragraph
[00:46:55] that's just a blank text right there.
[00:46:57] And it's not as pretty as the banner,
[00:47:00] but what you would do is if you want to
[00:47:02] bring in extra
[00:47:04] like things like look up fields
[00:47:06] or dynamic values
[00:47:08] or calculations or whatever,
[00:47:09] you just hit the
[00:47:10] at symbol
[00:47:11] and it gives you this whole list
[00:47:12] of different things
[00:47:13] that you can choose from
[00:47:14] here.
[00:47:15] And so for me, I want to bring in
[00:47:16] some look up fields.
[00:47:18] This is exactly how I set
[00:47:19] up this banner here,
[00:47:20] but I'm gonna show you how I set it up,
[00:47:22] it tells you, ok, which page
[00:47:24] do you want to bring in the values from?
[00:47:27] So you can actually have values
[00:47:29] from other pages
[00:47:30] still be displayed on this page.
[00:47:31] But I'm gonna choose from this page
[00:47:33] and I'm gonna say
[00:47:34] the customer selection page
[00:47:36] and then I'm gonna choose the,
[00:47:38] the customer field. I'm gonna continue
[00:47:41] and then I have all the different fields
[00:47:44] from Airtable. So I was saying look up
[00:47:47] field, but
[00:47:48] these are not actually set up as lookups
[00:47:51] in Airtable. It's actually fill out
[00:47:54] doing the looking up for you.
[00:47:56] So I was just using the word look up
[00:47:58] field because we're accustomed to that
[00:48:00] terminology.
[00:48:00] So, what I wanna do is
[00:48:02] I want to display this person's
[00:48:04] email address
[00:48:05] and I will just put some text here.
[00:48:09] I'll say your customer's email address is
[00:48:12] this.
[00:48:13] And so
[00:48:14] I am going to now preview this
[00:48:17] and we're gonna go to the first page here.
[00:48:20] I'm gonna choose a customer
[00:48:21] and
[00:48:22] you'll notice that it says your customer's
[00:48:24] email address is and that's probably
[00:48:25] not what I want to.
[00:48:26] I don't want to see this
[00:48:28] until we choose a customer.
[00:48:29] So I'm gonna show you how
[00:48:30] to hide that too in a moment.
[00:48:31] So I'm gonna choose Ally
[00:48:33] and now it's not showing any
[00:48:35] of that extra information
[00:48:36] because I disabled that
[00:48:37] extra search feature.
[00:48:39] So I'm gonna choose Alli.
[00:48:40] And now here's the new one
[00:48:42] I just added your customer's
[00:48:43] email address is it puts
[00:48:45] Alli's email here.
[00:48:46] And then I also have the
[00:48:47] original one right here.
[00:48:49] Now, this one didn't display
[00:48:51] until I filled in Alli.
[00:48:52] And that is because it also
[00:48:54] offers conditional
[00:48:55] hiding, conditional visibility.
[00:48:57] So,
[00:48:59] you know, and that's an Airtable
[00:49:01] actually has conditional
[00:49:02] visibility as well.
[00:49:02] So you come over here
[00:49:04] and here's where you can hide it.
[00:49:06] So I can say only wanna
[00:49:07] show this when
[00:49:09] the customer name
[00:49:12] has actually
[00:49:14] the customer
[00:49:15] is, is not empty.
[00:49:17] So now both this paragraph
[00:49:20] and this banner, they'll both
[00:49:22] be hidden when there's no customer.
[00:49:24] And they'll show when
[00:49:26] I've chosen a customer.
[00:49:29] Do you want me to wrap up
[00:49:30] or do you want me to go?
[00:49:31] Yeah.
[00:49:31] Yeah, probably wrap up.
[00:49:33] OK. Cool. Final thing
[00:49:35] I do want to say is that
[00:49:38] when you're choosing new products
[00:49:41] here, you can I set it
[00:49:42] so that people can only
[00:49:44] choose new, create new line items.
[00:49:47] Oh, that's actually on the next screen.
[00:49:49] I won't I won't talk about that,
[00:49:50] but I did want to show you
[00:49:51] that you can also create formulas.
[00:49:53] So it performs the math in,
[00:49:56] fill out for you
[00:49:57] and you do that by clicking on
[00:49:59] the logic button
[00:50:00] here. You go to calculations and
[00:50:02] you can set your own formulas
[00:50:04] to either sum up your line items
[00:50:07] or do the math like quantity times dollar
[00:50:09] amount equals amount.
[00:50:11] And
[00:50:12] yeah, so that's all I want to show you.
[00:50:15] So there's, there's a lot more things,
[00:50:17] there's so many more things
[00:50:18] that I haven't even shown,
[00:50:19] but it really gives you a lot of advanced
[00:50:24] advanced power.
[00:50:26] Yeah.
[00:50:27] Yeah, it's an amazing product
[00:50:29] and to be transparent
[00:50:30] people that know the history
[00:50:31] of On2Air, we had a form solution.
[00:50:35] There is many reasons why we decided
[00:50:37] to pull it back.
[00:50:38] But one of them was once I
[00:50:39] dug in to fill out, it was
[00:50:42] what I wish I could have built. And so
[00:50:45] that was one of the reasons
[00:50:47] why I was like,
[00:50:48] I felt like that was a solid
[00:50:49] solution that did everything.
[00:50:51] There's a couple of features
[00:50:52] that I've already
[00:50:52] talked to them about that
[00:50:54] On2Air had that they should add.
[00:50:56] One is you can create linked records
[00:50:59] but you can't update existing linked
[00:51:01] records. That is one feature we had
[00:51:04] that they still have not added
[00:51:06] and so hopefully they will,
[00:51:07] they will take that in
[00:51:09] because I know a lot of
[00:51:09] people
[00:51:11] want that functionality. So,
[00:51:13] but it is an amazing piece
[00:51:15] of software. Like I, I was fully
[00:51:17] impressed and
[00:51:19] definitely factored into our decision to,
[00:51:22] to scale back on the form side.
[00:51:27] All right, let's move on. We will
[00:51:30] Alli, feel free to take
[00:51:31] the rest of the time.
[00:51:32] We'll, we'll hold off on the last
[00:51:33] one for an other episodes. So
[00:51:35] Alli is gonna walk us through
[00:51:37] a
[00:51:37] scripting time
[00:51:39] searching.
[00:51:41] Excellent.
[00:51:43] All right. So I wrote this script
[00:51:46] the other day while
[00:51:48] I was on with a client.
[00:51:51] because we actually talked
[00:51:53] about this feature earlier in
[00:51:55] the show
[00:51:57] where we've got this manage
[00:51:59] fields panel which I believe
[00:52:01] is visible for a team and above.
[00:52:02] I'm not sure if it's a visible on the pro
[00:52:05] plan.
[00:52:07] But
[00:52:08] the downside to this,
[00:52:09] this is really great.
[00:52:10] You can search by all sorts of
[00:52:11] things for fields that you're looking for,
[00:52:13] but it's only gonna show you the values
[00:52:15] from the table that you're looking at.
[00:52:16] It doesn't
[00:52:17] search across the entire
[00:52:19] base for your field names.
[00:52:22] So like if I try and search
[00:52:24] for the word location,
[00:52:25] this is gonna show me
[00:52:27] and apparently it's fuzzy
[00:52:29] search too because this is
[00:52:31] showing calculation or maybe
[00:52:33] it's because it references
[00:52:35] some things
[00:52:37] that's actually interesting.
[00:52:38] I haven't noticed that before.
[00:52:41] Yeah.
[00:52:42] Not sure why those fields are showing up.
[00:52:44] Maybe they referenced one of the
[00:52:45] location fields somehow, maybe.
[00:52:48] But
[00:52:48] regardless
[00:52:50] this is not the best tool for what
[00:52:52] I'm trying to do because
[00:52:53] I want to search for
[00:52:54] a field that has the word
[00:52:56] location in it across all my tables.
[00:53:00] So I wrote this little script
[00:53:02] and I never know
[00:53:04] on the podcast if I should just
[00:53:05] write it again from scratch
[00:53:07] or just show you what I've got. But
[00:53:09] I have it already written. It's
[00:53:11] very short,
[00:53:12] it's made a little bit more fancy
[00:53:16] by I have this output
[00:53:17] title function that I put
[00:53:19] on every script
[00:53:21] where instead of having to write
[00:53:23] output dot Clear
[00:53:24] a million times throughout it
[00:53:25] and then output the,
[00:53:27] I like to have a title
[00:53:28] for each of my scripts.
[00:53:30] I write this little function
[00:53:32] so that way I can just call it
[00:53:34] a couple times throughout
[00:53:35] the script and it'll
[00:53:37] put my title, it'll clear everything
[00:53:39] and put the title back at the top.
[00:53:42] So that's what that is.
[00:53:43] You don't need that part.
[00:53:48] Everything in
[00:53:50] basically from here to here is
[00:53:52] just what I've got going on here.
[00:53:54] So the first thing that
[00:53:56] happens is we define
[00:53:58] all the tables in the base.
[00:54:00] So just based do tables is gonna give you
[00:54:03] all the tables in the base.
[00:54:05] So if I comment this out and let's just,
[00:54:09] so
[00:54:10] what that looks like.
[00:54:13] Now, I have 13 tables in this base.
[00:54:15] So the scripting app
[00:54:17] is really or scripting
[00:54:18] extension, excuse me.
[00:54:21] Is really great for metadata.
[00:54:23] It doesn't have access to all the metadata
[00:54:25] features that like the metadata
[00:54:27] API does, but it's pretty robust.
[00:54:29] So
[00:54:30] I've got access to how many tables
[00:54:33] I have on each one of these objects.
[00:54:35] Here, I can see all of the fields
[00:54:37] that are on that table.
[00:54:38] I can see all the views
[00:54:40] that are on that table.
[00:54:41] The description
[00:54:43] of each table which apparently
[00:54:45] I've demoed this before and just wrote,
[00:54:48] this is the table description of
[00:54:49] that first
[00:54:50] one.
[00:54:52] But you can see here how useful
[00:54:54] this can really be. If you need to write a
[00:54:56] little script to dig
[00:54:58] into your metadata, it's
[00:55:00] really, really robust.
[00:55:02] So now that I've defined
[00:55:04] each one of my tables,
[00:55:06] I ask the user for a search term.
[00:55:10] So I'll just start by commenting
[00:55:12] out each one of these
[00:55:13] lines I guess to show.
[00:55:16] So it's asking me to type in a field name
[00:55:19] or I should have made more specific.
[00:55:21] It doesn't have to be a field name.
[00:55:23] It could just be a search term
[00:55:25] that appears in a field name,
[00:55:27] could be a phrase, it could be one word,
[00:55:29] it could be anything.
[00:55:31] So once I've done that,
[00:55:34] I find an empty array
[00:55:36] to hold all of my eventual
[00:55:38] field matches that I find.
[00:55:41] And then I start to loop through
[00:55:43] each one of those 13 tables
[00:55:45] with this four loop
[00:55:46] here.
[00:55:48] So each one of those,
[00:55:49] every time I go through.
[00:55:51] I'm looking at the fields
[00:55:53] that are tied to each table.
[00:55:55] Not sure why I have this error here.
[00:55:58] It still runs flawlessly but
[00:56:01] I haven't been able to figure
[00:56:02] out why that's underlined.
[00:56:05] If you have any ideas,
[00:56:07] let me know, I think
[00:56:09] because
[00:56:10] table that fields could be null
[00:56:15] it shouldn't possibly be null
[00:56:17] but mechanically, yes.
[00:56:19] I think that's why the error
[00:56:21] persists. But you can't have
[00:56:23] a table without any fields,
[00:56:25] right? Their error handling
[00:56:27] is way over aggressive.
[00:56:28] It is very aggressive. I've noticed.
[00:56:31] Yeah, I ha I hate seeing the little red
[00:56:33] squiggly. So I try everything in my power
[00:56:35] to make them go away but it'll still
[00:56:37] run with it.
[00:56:39] But so basically I've got,
[00:56:41] I'm defining all right table dot fields.
[00:56:43] And if you recall when I had that
[00:56:44] little object up,
[00:56:45] we're looking through each
[00:56:46] of the fields that are
[00:56:48] a part of that table
[00:56:49] and I'm filtering through them.
[00:56:52] And so the first thing I do is I
[00:56:54] wanna look at each field
[00:56:55] and translate it into
[00:56:56] a lower case
[00:56:58] casing.
[00:57:00] So that way I'm not,
[00:57:01] I don't care about capitalization
[00:57:03] when I'm searching
[00:57:04] because some people have different
[00:57:06] nomenclature when they
[00:57:08] or syntax when they're
[00:57:08] naming fields, some might
[00:57:10] all do lowercase, some might
[00:57:12] do all uppercase or proper casing.
[00:57:14] So I wanna throw all that
[00:57:15] out the window when
[00:57:16] I'm doing this search.
[00:57:18] So I transform both the field names
[00:57:21] and my search term
[00:57:23] to lower casing.
[00:57:25] And I'm just saying, all right,
[00:57:27] do, do, does this field name include
[00:57:30] the search term
[00:57:31] that I've entered in above?
[00:57:34] If it does,
[00:57:35] then
[00:57:36] I'm
[00:57:37] keeping it and I'm throwing
[00:57:38] all the rest of those fields out.
[00:57:41] And then this line here,
[00:57:43] I'm just formatting those
[00:57:44] fields that do match
[00:57:46] to
[00:57:48] the
[00:57:49] to a format that I
[00:57:51] can then display in a table.
[00:57:52] So everything in here is what's
[00:57:54] going to ultimately be output to the user.
[00:57:57] So I could add to this
[00:57:58] if I wanted to like put in
[00:58:00] the field description, for example,
[00:58:02] I could add that as well and I'll show you
[00:58:03] what that looks like in a second.
[00:58:05] And then I'm pushing all of that to my
[00:58:09] all matches empty array up here
[00:58:12] and then every time it loops through,
[00:58:14] it runs this little output title script.
[00:58:17] So it clears what was there before and
[00:58:18] then outputs the new version of the table.
[00:58:23] So I'm gonna just show
[00:58:24] what that looks like here.
[00:58:26] So I tried searching location earlier,
[00:58:29] actually, let's just do a capital L.
[00:58:31] So you can see.
[00:58:34] So now
[00:58:36] I see all the fields
[00:58:38] across all of my tables
[00:58:40] that have the word location in it.
[00:58:45] I've got field type, I've got the table
[00:58:48] here where it's located so that I can go
[00:58:50] and find it.
[00:58:52] And this is useful like I've had so
[00:58:54] many times, especially if you have like a
[00:58:55] giant database and you're like,
[00:58:58] oh, I know I had a field name
[00:59:00] at one point. I,
[00:59:02] I know it had this title in it,
[00:59:03] but I can't remember what table it's on or
[00:59:05] anything to do with it.
[00:59:07] This becomes in handy
[00:59:09] in those situations.
[00:59:11] And
[00:59:13] if I wanted to add like another thing
[00:59:16] to this table I could add in like the
[00:59:18] description
[00:59:21] I just
[00:59:21] put in,
[00:59:22] fill that descripton.
[00:59:25] I don't think I have many
[00:59:26] field descriptions
[00:59:27] because I'm really terrible at
[00:59:28] documentation.
[00:59:29] Yeah, so it's literally happy
[00:59:31] for all of them. But
[00:59:33] if it was filled in, then
[00:59:34] that would show up there as well.
[00:59:38] And now you can, you can link
[00:59:40] directly to a field, right?
[00:59:42] So you could make
[00:59:43] these
[00:59:44] clickable
[00:59:45] or directly
[00:59:46] to,
[00:59:47] I suppose you could. Yeah.
[00:59:50] One thing I'm not sure, can you put
[00:59:52] urls in a table? Will it display that?
[00:59:55] It will I believe? Well, in a table?
[01:00:00] I'm unsure. And if it it does,
[01:00:02] it will open in a different tab?
[01:00:05] That's good. I would want it to
[01:00:07] I think so you could keep this open.
[01:00:09] But,
[01:00:10] but yeah, you, you absolutely could
[01:00:13] experiment with trying that out.
[01:00:17] Yeah. So I've added this to my
[01:00:19] little repertoire of scripts that I
[01:00:22] try and put in like all my bases
[01:00:25] that is super useful before we sign off.
[01:00:29] Can you click on tools again?
[01:00:31] Yes,
[01:00:33] that's new
[01:00:34] relationships.
[01:00:36] Oh Yeah, this is a beta.
[01:00:38] It's, it's so not even useful.
[01:00:42] I've tried, like, I've honestly like,
[01:00:44] I forgot I even had it.
[01:00:45] I never come
[01:00:46] here.
[01:00:47] You can click into things
[01:00:49] and it shows you it's like a
[01:00:51] basically a expanded
[01:00:52] schema app.
[01:00:53] Yeah.
[01:00:54] But
[01:00:55] again, it's,
[01:00:57] it's not, it's not that helpful.
[01:01:02] yeah.
[01:01:03] Yeah.
[01:01:03] Yeah.
[01:01:04] But
[01:01:06] very cool. Thank you Alli
[01:01:07] for sharing that.
[01:01:09] Of course,
[01:01:10] that is useful. And yeah,
[01:01:12] if you can make that available, we can,
[01:01:14] we can share that out for people
[01:01:16] that want to run that script.
[01:01:18] Absolutely.
[01:01:20] And then we'll then just join
[01:01:22] our community
[01:01:22] builtonair.com/join
[01:01:24] get you in with thousands
[01:01:26] of other Airtable fans and users.
[01:01:28] And come on the show showcase
[01:01:30] what you've got going on in Airtable.
[01:01:33] We'd love to have you on. So
[01:01:34] we'll do the last segment on a future
[01:01:37] episode and we will see you all next week.
[01:01:41] All right.