7/20/2021 – BuiltOnAir Live Podcast Full Show – S08-E11

Duration: 63 minutes

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In This Episode

Welcome to the BuiltOnAir Podcast, the live show.  The BuiltOnAir Podcast is a live weekly show highlighting everything happening in the Airtable world.

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Todays Hosts

Alli Alosa – Hi there! I’m Alli 🙂 I’m a fine artist turned “techie” with a passion for organization and automation. I’m also proud to be a Community Leader in the Airtable forum, and a co-host of the BuiltOnAir podcast. My favorite part about being an Airtable consultant and developer is that I get to talk with people from all sorts of industries, and each project is an opportunity to learn how a business works.

Dan Fellars – I am the Founder of Openside, On2Air, and BuiltOnAir. I love automation and software. When not coding the next feature of On2Air, I love spending time with my wife and kids and golfing.

Full Segment Details

Segment: Round The Bases

Start Time: 00:00:59

Roundup of what’s happening in the Airtable communities – Airtable, BuiltOnAir, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Following Articles Used in this Segment:

[Airtable Community] Launched: Preview email option in Automations – Announcements – Airtable Community Forum

[Airtable Community] Scheduled automation but on condition – Ask the community / Automations – Airtable Community Forum

[Airtable Community] A new category has arrived: Featured Resources! – Announcements – Airtable Community Forum

[Airtable Community] Released: Favorite Views – Announcements – Airtable Community Forum

[Reddit] Repeating “Something went wrong with an automation” email : Airtable

[Facebook] (20+) Airtable Community : Has anyone built affiliate marketing tracking tool using Airtable or other no code tools | Facebook

[Facebook] (20+) Airtable Community : Hey everyone. About 3 years ago, I started developing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System using Airtable for the machine shop where I worked at the time | Facebook

Segment: Meet the Creators

Start Time: 00:28:35

Meet from Earn With Authority.

Rohit worked as an engineer but now works full time in content marketing. Uses Airtable to manage content, youtube channels, and e-commerence sites.

Visit them online

Segment: Scripting Time

Start Time: 00:51:15

Scripting Time: Single Select Buttons – Using single select options in a script.

Explore Scripting with “Single Select Buttons”.

Using single select options in a script..

View Script

Segment: Field Focus

Start Time: 00:58:14

Learn about the Last Modified Time – A time stamp of when the recorded was last touched.

A deep dive into the Last Modified Time Last modified time – A time stamp of when the recorded was last touched. 

Learn More Here