Zapier's Project Management App Cheat Sheet

Since [Zapier integrates with so many apps](https://zapier.com/zapbook/), people often ask us, "What's the best app for X?" The answer to that, of course, is "It depends on what you're looking for!" so we made these cheat sheets to [compare and contrast d

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Startup Pitch Decks

There may be more advice written about the "pitch deck" than anything else in startup land. Should the team page be first? Or should you just dive in to the traction slide? Should you do a demo? Should you include financials? I think the best way to lear

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Account Based Marketing Programs

This ABM base serves as both a content library and an integrated campaigns tracker. All the tabs in the base are interconnected, linking audiences to their corresponding content and campaigns. This allows marketing teams to quickly learn how different pie

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2018 Budget - Revised

Feel free to explore the base and copy it for yourselves :) email me if you have questions @ [email protected]

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Audiobooks Template

An updated version of the base I use to track my Audiobook Narration work. Please feel free to suggest changes or additions you think would make it more useful.

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Fashion Apps UX Teardown

At One Kings Lane I launched the first mobile web experience and led the redesign of the OKL mobile app. Currently at Splendid Labs, I am designing a shopping flow from the ground up. E-commerce apps face the particular challenge of supporting a complex n

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Sales CRM Dashboard

This base grafts a dashboard display to the standard Airtable Sales CRM base to demonstrate some simple data visualizations possible with Airtable. (Optionally, a multistep Zap, built upon Zapier.com's middleware SaaS offering, may be used to update a pie

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Personal Budget & Debt Tracker (Monthly)

A personal budget management tool, complete with savings calculators (both monthly and aggregate) and debt trackers, as well as a loan repayment calculator, and a credit card payment calculator. Upload custom budget month and debt asset covers to persona

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Personal Dashboard

Manage all the the tasks in your life and get things done with this personal dashboard ready for your workflow. 🙌🏻 tl;dr - Supercharged Personal Dashboard to manage all the tasks in your life - Built for automation and integrations, more on that here:

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Run a Quiz on Zoom

After taking part in a number of zoom quizzes. I didn't come across any set up that had an easy way for participants to submit answers and have them scored easily by the host. Particularly where the quiz has free-text answers rather than multiple-choice.

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Content Manager for "Good Email Copy"

Here at Front, we're passionate about improving the email experience for teams. Beyond helping make email more collaborative, transparent, and accountable – sometimes that means providing a little inspiration. Enter "Good Email Copy", our database for gre

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Be on top of your expenses

The "Why?" Adulting is hard and nobody really told us! _Have you ever been left with a wallet full of old receipts?_ _Or worse, have no real idea of where you spend your money?_ I sure have been there. Staying on top of your expenses is pretty crucial to

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