🩺 Airtable + HIPAA = 🤝

Big upgrade for Airtablers, it’s confirmed – Airtable is now HIPAA compliant! Hello, healthcare and human services squads – your digital workbench just leveled up big time! 🎉

Plus, what do Airtable and Mark Zuckerberg have in common? Stick around to find out…

– Hannah


Airtable is now HIPAA-compliant and ready to support healthcare organizations 🩺

HIPAA compliance has been a long-requested feature by Airtable users and Airtable has finally jumped on the train. HIPAA is the federal regulation for healthcare providers to protect sensitive patient health information, including appropriate administrative and technical safeguards. Now, organizations have the option to sign up for a special HIPAA compliance plan with Airtable.

Getting Started – For organizations interested in having their data in Airtable under HIPAA Compliance, they’ll need to be on the Enterprise Scale Plan and will need to sign Airtable’s Business Associate Addendum.