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Show Notes

On today’s episode, we speak with William Porter, owner and principal developer of Rucksack Technology, writer, and photographer. You may also recognize him from the Unofficial Airtable Conference thrown by Chris Dancy in September, where William gave a talk about Stacker.
William boasts decades of experience in tech, having started developing in FileMaker for law firms in the 90s. In recent years, he has also been very interested in new data-management apps, including Airtable. His knowledge of database development makes for a great conversation about the pros and cons of Airtable’s interface and inner-workings.
Over the years, William has written for tech publications such as the notable – and even reviewed Airtable as a “drop-dead-easy relational database management system” back in 2016.
William shares a couple different bases with us today. The first is a house-hunting base, which he and his family used together when they were considering a move across their state of Texas. They were able to quickly record homes they were interested in, rate the ones they liked, and create a calendar of visits when it came time to book them.
In addition to his work in tech, William is also a photographer. The second base he shows us is home to his camera equipment – where he can track the items he owns, as well as items he wants to sell.


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