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On today’s episode, we speak with Matthew Baggetta: Marketing lead and seasoned content strategist. Matthew has a super interesting back story; he spent years in academia, earning himself two degrees in English and starting to work on a third – a Ph.D. in English and Cultural Theory. While working toward his Ph.D. Matthew made a huge life change, leaving academics to start a new career in Marketing.
Around the same time, Matthew also started a personal meditation practice and went on to found his own meditation instructor training program.
It was within the marketing sphere that he found Airtable. The base Matthew shares with us today is his Content Asset Tracker, which he uses to track content, keywords and meta-data, writer’s assigned posts, and more.
One of the most attractive features of his base lies within his Blog Post Assignment Form. The form allows the user to assign a writer, a post title, keywords, pain points, and internal links to be included within the post. SEO and marketing pros know how important it is to include internal links within your website to increase domain authority, and Matthew’s form makes this extremely simple by including a self-linked field to reference previously published stories when planning new content.

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